Automated Assembly

TranTek Automation provides a one-stop Robotic Automation Solution for all of your automated assembly needs from concept design through control and final documentation. Our robotic automated assembly experience encompasses fully automated robotic multi-process systems, robotic single-station work cells, and multi-station platforms with conveyors.

TranTek’s vast automated assembly experience encompasses the automotive, appliance, consumer products,¬†and defense industries.

TranTek Blender Assembly


Automated Adhesive Dispensing Systems

TranTek has automated the dispensing process in assemblies that benefit from receiving exacting amounts of lubricants, adhesives, sealants or mastic. Precise automated dispensing ensures both quality and quantity control. Bead size, position, and expansion area can be fully controlled and monitored. Robots are commonly used to dispense adhesives and mastics for a variety of applications such as two-part mixing for fastening, panel stiffening and sound dampening. Sealants can be applied robotically to components that require a water-tight seal between two parts, or require a secondary curing process.

TranTek Dispensing


Automated Fastening Systems

TranTek has integrated a wide variety of automated fastening applications in our automation projects ranging from small, intricate circuit board components to large stamped parts for the automotive industry. The technologies we employ have included; vibratory feeder bowls, power feed tracks, bulk hoppers, magazine feeders, blow feeders and custom designed escapements to handle the most unique parts. Most of our applications require validation of the fastener install specification. Typical automated processes for validation have included; vision, torque monitoring, LVDT measurement, Eddy current, "Poka-Yoke" techniques, and many others. Let us show you how TranTek can improve your fastening applications with automation.

Automated Robotic Assembly


Automated Process Monitoring Systems

Through our diversity of applications TranTek has integrated a wide variety of process monitoring technologies. Applications include Vision inspection systems for monitoring process sequences, part profiles, part variations or applications where physical measurement is not feasible. Photo eyes, proximity sensors, and laser sensors can be integrated for part detection and measurement. Eddy Current inspection is an option for more difficult process monitoring. LVDTs are employed for highly reliable automated positional measurement. Leak testing for pressure decay and integrity can also be monitored automatically, as well as weld current, force monitoring with load cells, and many other applications.

Robotic Inspection


Automated Pressing and Forming Systems

TranTek has integrated a wide variety of metal movement technologies such as air-over-oil staking, orbital forming, Riv-nut, and toggle lock. TranTek has also designed and built custom tooling and press frames for staking, crimping, swaging, and pressing. We have also developed unique metal movement processes when the situation demands. Other processes that have been automated include drilling, milling, boring, and deburring. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is employed on all high stress components to ensure proper design and function.