Material Handling

TranTek Automation Corporation specializes in the custom design and quality manufacturing of automated material handling equipment. We service the automotive, consumer, furniture, food, and heavy manufacturing industries.

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Automated Conveyor Systems

Our unique automation conveyor systems and integrated standard conveyors provide reliable presentation, automatic operation, increased quality, and increased throughput. When designing nesting, we are able to accurately locate parts and prevent damage to critical surfaces. CDLR/roller conveyors are usually powered, but also can be designed to gravity feed. Powered units can utilize slip sleeves that allow accumulation. Belt conveyors are often utilized to provide a large flat surface area to convey parts into and out of automated work cells.

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Automated Gantry Systems

Automated gantries are easily customizable from our myriad of pre-existing designs to meet your material handling automation requirements. TranTek has developed a wide range of sizes that can accommodate single or multi axis transfer. Either rack and pinion or screw-driven axes can be powered by servo or VFD motors. Axes can also be powered pneumatically or hydraulically. Custom engineered end-of-arm tooling is designed to handle single or multiple parts accurately without damaging critical surfaces. We also provide controls packages that meet your specifications, and programming for optimal system performance.

Robotic Material Handling Integration

TranTek designs robotic systems that will interface with your most unique and demanding material handling applications. Robotic handling is flexible, reliable, and easily configured to meet specific needs. We utilize robotic simulation in our integration engineering to eliminate handling interferences and to verify that desired cycle times can be achieved. Robotic end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) is designed to automatically handle single or multiple parts accurately without damage to any critical surfaces. Please visit our robotics Systems Integration applications tab on this web site for more information on TranTek’s robotic integration expertise.

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