Robotic Integration

Automated manufacturing processes that employ robotics provide increased efficiency, increased safety and higher volumes of productivity with exacting quality control. End-of-arm-tooling is designed, engineered, and assembled at TranTek for our innovative robotic integration systems. We also demonstrate and document adherence to all applicable safety standards. Enjoy increased production, higher quality, greater flexibility and decreased costs by automating your manufacturing processes with robotics.

Robotic Integration and Automated Assembly


Robotic Applications

A wide range of industries have benefited from TranTek designed integrated robotic cells, from single robot applications to multi-cell robotics with over ten robots feeding accompanying manufacturing equipment. To date, TranTek has completed over 200 integrated robotic installations worldwide. Typical applications for manufacturing include welding, assembly, pick & place, packaging, palletizing, inspection, and testing. High speed, flexibility, precision and endurance are the key benefits of robotics, and at TranTek we can integrate all major robot brands for your process.

Flying Robots


Custom Robotic End-of-Arm-Tooling

Custom designed tooling can be imported into process simulations so customers can review and approve the virtual process before TranTek begins the equipment manufacturing process. Features of integrated robotic end-of-arm tools include: multiple functions, quick-change, part marking, "PokaYoke” error proofing, machine vision, and damage-proof parts handling.

Robotic Crankshaft Chamfer and Deburr Cell


Robotic Process Simulation

“Real time” cycle time analysis ensures acceptable production throughput. Process simulations can evolve into offline programs to perform virtual process de-bugging, reduce system development lead time, and optimize cycle times. TranTek can provide process simulation for these robotic systems: Fanuc, Motoman and ABB.

Virtual Robotic Spot Weld Simulation