Integrated Welding Systems

The combination of our industrial experience and welding technique knowledge provides us the ability to engineer automated robotic welding systems for any industry. TranTek has extensive experience in automated welding processes including: MIG, TIG, Resistance, Drawn Arc, Laser, Friction, Ultrasonic and Heat Staking.

Dual Robot Spot Welding Cell


Automated GMAW & MIG

MIG welding solutions can be provided from a single fixture application to a completely automated multi-robot welding system. TranTek understands the necessity of weld tooling designs that address the harsh MIG welding environment. We have designed and built automated mig weld systems with integrated turntables, tip dressers, check fixtures, and material handling robots. Innovative trunnion (or “ferris wheel”) style systems allow multiple robots to weld while an operator loads the opposite side, reducing the machine footprint and optimizing capital utilization. Quick-change tooling designs provide added flexibility in low production volume situations.

Robotic MIG Welding Cell


Automated Resistance Welding

Automated resistance welding systems can be provided from a single tool fixed gun application to completely integrated robotic welding system. TranTek has demonstrated innovative designs in automated resistance welding systems that include: spot, projection, nut, stud, drawn arc, and heat stake welding. We are partnered with Fanuc, Motoman and ABB, in order to provide a diverse robotic welding support team. As field-experienced welding engineers we enjoy solving your most challenging welding applications.

Robotic Spot Welding Cell