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Custom Robotic and Standard Pre-engineered Welding Solutions

TranTek has extensive experience in automated welding processes including: MIG, TIG, Resistance, Drawn Arc, Laser and Ultrasonic.

Robotic Welding Systems and Standard Pre-engineered Solutions (TekCels)

Custom Robotic MIG Welding Cell

Robotic MIG Welding Cell

Robotic Welding Cell with Dial Trunnion

TekCel Robotic Dial Trunnion Welding

Robotic Welding Cell

Robotic Welding Cell on Positioner

TekCel T4000 pre-configured automated welding cell

TekCel T4000 Welding Cell

Automated Spot Welding

Robotic Spot Welding Cell

Pre-engineered Robotic Welding Cell

TekCel Pre-engineered Robotic Welding

Robotic Spot Welding

Dual Robot Spot Welding Cell

TranTek has delivered hundreds of welding robots, and this experience is reflected in safe and efficient systems that set up fast and produce high quality parts for our customers’ most challenging applications.

Standard Automation Cells and components

TranTek Systems designs and builds small preconfigured modular automation cells called TekCels, with several different options and configurations for factory automation. We designed them to be low cost, efficient, easy to access, easy to clean and move.  TranTek Systems also offers a line of Automation components including Robot Transfer Units (RTUs), Tip Dressers for resistance welding, Conveyors & Retractable Locating Pins.

The combination of our industrial experience and welding process knowledge provides us the ability to engineer automated robotic welding systems for any industry.