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Automated Material Handling

Custom designs and quality manufacturing of automated material handling equipment for automotive, consumer, furniture, food, and heavy manufacturing industries.

Automated Material Handling Videos

Automated Material Handling Steel Industry

Automated Material Handling Robots

Automated Material Handling and Inspection

Robotic Inspection & Material Handling

Flying Robots on Overhead Gantry

Flying Robots on Overhead Gantry

Crankshaft Chamfer and Deburr

Automated Chamfer & Deburr Cell

Using advanced technologies such as Vision Assisted Robot Guidance, TranTek can transform your factory with Material Handling Solutions that offer tremendous Safety, Ergonomic, and Productivity improvements.

Standard Automation Cells and components

TranTek Systems designs and builds small preconfigured modular automation cells called TekCels, with several different options and configurations for factory automation. We designed them to be low cost, efficient, easy to access, easy to clean and move.  TranTek Systems also offers a line of Automation components including Robot Transfer Units (RTUs), Tip Dressers for resistance welding, Conveyors & Retractable Locating Pins.

TranTek designs and engineers conveyor systems, automated gantry systems and robotic systems for automated material handling solutions.